Hungarian Ikarus success in Poland

Hungarian Ikarus success in Poland

Electrobus Europe, representing Ikarus, submitted the winning bid.

Budapest, 16/08/2023. The victory of Ikarus in the public procurement tender for electric buses of Szczecinek in Poland has been officially announced.

Today, the news also appeared in the Polish press that Electrobus Europe, the sales company of Ikarus, submitted the most favorable offer for the tender for the five purely electric self-driving buses and the corresponding charging equipment.

During the tender evaluation, the following weighting was applied: purchase price: 60%, duration of the warranty on the battery: 30%,  and 10% was the range. The chargers will be supplied under concession by Ekoenergetyka, a Polish company.

Ikarus has 11 months from signing the contract to deliver the ordered Ikarus 120e buses to Poland for a gross price of 13.124 million złotys (approx. 2.94 M euros).