Our Mission

We design and manufacture reliable, comfortable, economical, environmentally friendly and last but not least aesthetic buses that meet the European quality and technical standards. With 125 years of experience, we flexibly adapt our products to the needs of passengers and operators. Originally Ikarus was founded in 1895. Based on its manufacturing experience, the company went through a complete transformation since 2016. Our goal was to create a modern, restructured and multifaceted Ikarus that stands strong in the frontline of European bus developments and manufacturing.

In the 1970s and 1980s Ikarus became Europe’s largest bus manufacturer by producing and selling nearly 10 thousand units of the world-class 200 and 400 bus types each year.  The company delivered its products to nearly fifty countries on five continents. Over the past 40 years, more than 250 thousand buses have left our production lines. Using this experience and expertise as bases, we renewed and further modernized the entire Ikarus Group.

As a result of the developments started in 2016, by the autumn of 2020 we developed and then presented the first pure electric city bus with a European type license, which was designed and manufactured in Hungary.

By the development:

- we renewed the design and manufacturing technologies (3D design, CNC machines, electric drive development lab, stainless steel structure welding, painting and polishing workshop, environmental investments, production halls, etc.)
- we provided in-house training to our specialists to prepare for the new production technologies
- we have become one of the certified bodybuilders of Volvo, and built a production capability and culture that meets Volvo's quality assurance requirements
- we developed, adapted and implemented the electric drive system
- we have prepared our buses for the “smart bus” functions
- we have developed a coordinated design and manufacturing capability in the areas of bus chassis, propulsion and on-board information systems
- we built a domestic supplier chain, with the aim of increasing the Hungarian added value
- we contributed to the training of our suppliers when it was necessary
- we acquired the manufacturing and environmental protection certificates and authorizations
- in the case of our pure electric bus, we have reached 50% domestic added value
- we developed and launched our diesel bus, designed for the suburban traffic

The conscious development continues:

-       introduction of new technologies in order to increase efficiency in the areas of design and manufacturing
- introduction of our first full electrically powered, low-floor, self-propelled chassis
- designing new electric bus types in various sizes and ranges
- developing further our buses for special purposes, such as  our pure electric bus, which was designed for healthcare services
- introduction of new "smart bus" services that increase passenger comfort and provide information to bus operators with the aim of ensuring the efficient and economical operation of the vehicle
- development of charging facilities that can easily be installed for the use of electric vehicles (buses, commercial vehicles, cars)

We take environmental protection and sustainability seriously. The body framework structures of Ikarus are made of stainless steel, which is a very reliable and stable material. One of its main benefits is that it ensures two battery cycles guarantee to the electric vehicles. As the bus does not require frame refurbishment in 16 years, the lifetime cost of the vehicle is less than that of diesel and gas-powered buses. Therefore, it can also be supported by economic calculations that it is worth choosing a zero-emission electric bus.

Another advantage of stainless-steel technology is that it does not require corrosion protection processes that generally harm the environment during the manufacture of the vehicle, thus the amount of harmful emissions generated during production is a significantly less compared to carbon steel vehicles.

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