Drive train

Ikarus’ expertise allows the company to develop different powertrains for the vehicles.

Adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market, we have developed conventional diesel-powered drive systems with internal combustion power plants and zero-emission battery-powered electric drive systems as well. Thereby, our customers can choose products that best suit their business needs. 


The electric buses of IKARUS are powered by CRRC's tDrive MD2021 synchronous motor, which drives the ZF AV133 rear axle via a cardan shaft. The battery unit responsible for the power supply of the vehicle is manufactured by CATL, with LiFePo4 cells and the capacity of 314 kWh and 542 Ah. Some battery packs are placed at the rear of the bus, some are located on the roof, which holds the possibility of the low-floor design and the maximum number of seats for passengers.

The safety of the electric drive is ensured by the battery monitoring and the automatic fire extinguishing systems.


EURO6 diesel motor - Volvo self-propelled chassis