Ikarus returns to the IAA Transportation exhibition with complex solutions supporting zero-emission public transport

19/09/2022 Hannover – Europe’s iconic bus manufacturer Ikarus is exhibiting again at one of the most prestigious vehicle industry events, the IAA Transportation exhibition.

The Hungarian bus manufacturer, with a history of more than 125 years, will present its own developed and manufactured products, such as the unique electric healthcare bus, the electric charging station, and the all-electric city bus, the Ikarus 120e.

Ikarus is the only Hungarian bus manufacturer exhibiting its products at the IAA exhibition this year.

The Ikarus 120e, also presented on IAA, comes with a 16 year-long corrosion protection guarantee, favourable consumption, and outstanding range, as it was confirmed by bus operators. Ikarus electric buses are already operating in Hungary, Germany and Poland.

A unique innovation of the Hungarian manufacturer, the zero-emission health care bus developed during the pandemic, can also be seen at the exhibition. Thanks      to the special      design, it is suitable for providing high-quality, safe, and non-stationary health care at any      given location. During the pandemic, the bus operated as a screening and vaccination point, located at a hospital, and was presented as a screening station at various sports events.

The key to the public transport of the sustainable future, in addition to electric buses, are       charging stations energy storage systems that ensure optimal energy supply to the charging stations, and energy management that regulates the charging.

However, the charging station developed by Ikarus is not only suitable for charging buses      but also for electric vehicles with the CCS charging standard. Based on the user’s needs, the energy storage system can also charge the batteries using renewable energy sources.

Ikarus Dynamic Load Management (DLM) software solution enables the most efficient, simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles by creating a balance between the dynamic use of energy and its distribution between chargers.

The company’s undisclosed aspiration is to conquer the export markets again since the long-established manufacturer has produced and sold over 250,000 buses in nearly fifty countries on five continents in the past. The guarantee of success is the traditionally high quality of Ikarus, the flexibility of fulfilling customer’s unique needs, and providing complex systems (bus, charger, energy storage) in addition to the short delivery time. “We believe that we must offer complex solutions to reach zero-emission public transport. Our engineers work based on these principles. Their developments create products that are perfectly suited to create and operate sustainable public transport” said Zoltán Tankó, CEO of Ikarus Global Zrt.