First electric buses for Kaposvár delivered

First electric buses for Kaposvár delivered


Ikarus buszok KaposváronWith an over 130 year-long history in bus manufacturing, Ikarus is proud that the mechanical, electrical and software systems of its electric buses were all developed by Hungarian engineers. As a result of the intensive technological developments of the last 4-5 years, the prestigious domestic bus manufacturing company is engaged in the serial production of zero-emission electric buses that are competitive on the European level and equipped with the latest electronic solutions while satisfying all the esthetic demands of its clients at its plant in Székesfehérvár.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovics and the mayor of Kaposvár, Károly Szita, who both emphasized the importance of the impact of electric transport on the environment and that the efforts for sustainable development are considered a part of the conscious city management. In his speech, Palkovics indicated that Hungary has set the goal of becoming entirely carbon neutral by 2050, which includes replacing all bus fleets throughout the country with zero-emission buses.

According to President of Ikarus Gábor Széles, the difference between the internal intelligence of diesel and electric buses is just as great as the difference between land-line phones and smart phones. However, he added that this also means that the operation of electric buses also requires more attention, which includes the nearly week-long driver training. Apart from zero emissions of pollutants, the more highly developed on-board and control technologies also offer significant advantages for users.

Ikarus will continue to expand its product portfolio in line with its dynamic renewal, thanks to which from this year on, it will be developing and releasing charging stations suitable for the charging of electric buses and passenger cars.