IKARUS CityPioneer pure electric city bus

Pur electric city buses
Ikarus’ first pure electric city bus combines the 125 years of manufacturing experience and the expertise of the Chinese CRRC in electronic systems, which proved to be reliable in more than tens of thousands of vehicles. The distributor company of electric buses is Electrobus Europe Zrt., the joint-venture of Ikarus and Greenway Urban Traffic. 
Technical parameters
IKARUS CityPioneer pure electric city bus
12 000 mm
2 540 mm
3 270 mm
5 820 mm
Front axle load
7 100 kg
Rear axle load
11 500 kg
24 m
Engine power normal/max
165/240 kW
Number of battery packs, power
10 pcs, 314.14 kWh
Maximum kinematical speed
85 km/h
Speed limited to
70 km/h
Number of doors
3 pcs (2-2-2, with 1 200 mm opening width)
Maximum number of passengers
Number of passenger seats
Number of standees
Wheelchair capacity
Net weight of the vehicle
12 300 kg
Maximum payload
6 300 kg
Maximum gross weight
18 600 kg
Both the passenger and the driver's compartment are electrically heated and air conditioned
Zero CO2 emissions
Battery charging time 20% -100%
~ 5 hours with 65 kW charging power and ~ 3 hours with 110 kW charging power
Range (battery 100% → 20%, with heating or air conditioning)
250 km
Range (battery 100% → 20%, without heating or air conditioning)
310 km
Battery warranty
8 years, maximum 3 000 charging cycles
Anti-corrosion guarantee
16 years


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